Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Liberty has its price, this time it’s $3.99 for 32 color pages!

What do Arthur ADAMS, Sergio ARAGONES, J. BONE, Ed BRUBAKER, J. Scott CAMPBELL, Darwyn COOKE, Garth ENNIS, Mark EVANIER, John Paul LEON, Mike MIGNOLA, Mark MILLAR, Sean PHILLIPS, Darick ROBERTSON & Rick VEITCH have in common?


All proceeds raised by this benefit book go directly to the CBLDF. All the writers, artists, colorists, letterers, designers, production people, publisher, etc., have freely donated their time and talents. The book will have ALL NEW material done especially for this comic. No filler stuff!

Stories by:
Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips provide a CRIMINAL tale
Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson bring us THE BOYS
Mark Millar & John Paul Leon give us their take on DRACULA
Darwyn Cooke delivers something entirely new
Mark Evanier & Sergio Aragones take us on a tour of the CBLDF

Additional material by:
Arthur Adams, J. Bone, and Rick Vietch (The return of BRAT PACK!)

Beautiful covers are provided by Mike Mignola & J. Scott Campbell.

Hellboy cover by Mike Mignola

Like many people, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a cause near to my heart. Last year, finding myself with some unaccustomed free time, I offered my services to the CBLDF. Over the years I’ve done a few things for the Fund, mainly putting together some charity art auctions and collecting money from players in a poker game I run every year at the San Diego Comic Con. But I wanted to do something a little more ambitious this time. So I called up my pal Chris Staros, who put me in touch with Charles Brownstein, the driving force behind the CBLDF. I suggested a benefit book.

I spent a few weeks calling up various folks to corral them into participating. It was actually pretty easy, the CBLDF crosses all boundaries, no hard sell required. The book is being solicited in the current issue of Previews, the one that went on sale this week. It’s in the IMAGE Comics section, on page 158. If you are a comic shop owner, please make sure to check out the solicits for it. If you are a comic reader, please bug your local comic shop to carry it. On sale date is July 23rd.

Abbey Chase Danger Girl cover by J. Scott Campbell

$3.99 is a small price to pay for Liberty!